Website & Email

Website Design, Website & Email Hosting
Are you getting the most out of your website? Let Acadia show you how.

Online Data Backup

Protect your Data with Online data Backups
-Automatic Backups
-Assured Reliability
-Stored Off-Site
-Flex-Retention Policies
-Easy Data Retrieval

... and it's Affordable!

Network Telemetry

Monitor, Report, Graph
Off-premise Capture!
-Bandwidth Reporting
-Bandwidth Graphing
-Network Monitoring
-Netflow® Packet Detail
-Syslog Capture
-Configuration State Backup


Network Design, Installation & support
-Local Area Networks
-Wide Area Networks
-vLAN Configuration
-WiFi Networks
... and more

PC Support

PC & Network Support Services
Acadia provides scheduled maintenance & ongoing Computer Support Services to keep your office running smoothly

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